Tips on being a good wedding guest

Some people are not aware of wedding etiquette. I mean I can’t blame them for not obsessing over Martha Stewart Magazine or Style Me Pretty blog some people just don’t have time. Once their wedding is over they don’t look up wedding etiquette or even crack a wedding magazine for the rest of their lives. So I thought I would give you a couple of insider tips to being the best wedding guest! 

how to be a good wedding guest

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I went to a wedding recently and a guest was wearing a white crocheted dress it could have very easily been a summer wedding dress. Even if the bride isn’t traditional just don’t chance it! It isn’t worth offending her and you might get red wine on it. 

2. Turn off your cell phone during the ceremony. unplug at the wedding

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It would be really embarrassing if you had some crazy ring tone set for your sweetie and he called in the middle of the ceremony and you couldn’t get to it in time, AKWARD! 

3. Sit down during the ceremony, if you weren’t hired as the photographer you are getting in their way! 

iphone photos

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Don’t try to get a “perfect shot” with your newly purchased pro camera if you weren’t hired to photograph the wedding. You will be in the way of the photographer! They will either have to crop around you or lose a great shot because your head is in it. 

4. Don’t hog the bride and groom’s time. 

Don’t feel like this is the time to reminisce over all the years you have known the bride and groom. They have a LOT going on and a LOT of people to see and visit with! ALSO don’t talk to them right after the ceremony most photographers are trying to wrangle them into getting the family photos knocked out so they can relax and come and talk with you.

5. Bring a nice gift. 

wedding gift

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I would say you should give a gift at least $50 in value if not more. If it is a fancy sit down dinner more like $100-200. They are paying a pretty penny for your meal, booze, and decor, so that you will also enjoy your night with them as well. NO it isn’t BAD to get something off their registry in fact they will like it more than a random tchotchke you get that isn’t really their style. 

6. Don’t drink too much. 

Tipsy should be ok because you will be a riot on the dance floor. But if you are mean person when you drink; refrain! No one likes the mean drunk guy/girl hitting on the catering staff. 

7. Don’t drink red wine around the bride. 

8. Don’t eat the cupcakes before the official “cake cutting”

wedding cupcakes

(image via: Pinterest)

This reminds me of the funny Whitney Tv show… Whitney’s Wedding Etiquette (<—- click here to view online)
As the wedding ceremony commences, things quickly turn south. Whitney finds herself face-to-face with the bride after dropping her cell phone in the aisle and awkwardly discovers that they’re matching in yellow. Later, Whitney eats one of the cupcakes from the arrangement intended to be the wedding cake before the appropriate time. Apparently, weddings aren’t Whitney’s forte.

9. Don’t talk to the bride and groom while they eat. 

sweetheart table

(Image via: Wedding Chicks)

Let them eat! They need some food so they can dance the night away and not get HANGRY :)

10. DANCE!!


After the first dances and they play music DANCE. Go crazy! Have FUN! This will help the bride and groom know you are having a good time! 

A couple more good tips…